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The Power of VisionsThe history of the Universe is extraordinarily rich. Its dynamics are always varied. Its lessons: unprecedented. Its adaptation to change: unending.  Encounter THE POWER OF VISIONS, and you will encounter an absolutely unique learning experience – an experience linked to growth and management of change … all insights drawn from the worlds of astronomy, cosmology, aeronautics, chaos theory, critical state analysis – and much more.

Each individual has a set of boundaries within which they operate. These boundaries may be self-imposed. They may be physical (for example, a house, a car, or an office space); or they may be set by our own minds. Boundaries … do they not demarcate our ‘comfort-zones’? Can boundaries ever be shifted?  Think of corporations … the progressive ones, and the stagnant ones.

The Universe is poised in a critical state. Critical states, when perturbed, can yield avalanches. If corporations and indeed people are to remain on the windswept cutting edge, they are in a critical state, and they need to very carefully understand precisely how critical state analysis works. In THE POWER OF VISIONS, Professor David Block deliberately moves people from their comfort zones by delicately ‘shifting the boundaries’.  From terrestrial sales and marketing below, to the gargantuan Cosmos above. 

Place yourself in Namibia. Ever thought of a sand dune near the Namibian lunar landscape area?  Ever noticed that it has a very sharp, so called, critical edge?  Add one more sand-grain to a critical edge, and chaos theory shows that an avalanche may ensue…  The poising of our Universe upon a set of critical states is astonishing. For example, If the rate of expansion of our early Universe were changed by the 55th decimal place, you would not be reading these words!

FINELY TUNED VISIONS in our terrestrial world (where excellence in service delivery is often non-existent: a by-word in our vocabulary) will always succeed in a finely tuned Cosmos!   It is THE POWER OF ONE DREAM  … ONE GOAL… ONE PERSON embracing change and thriving on it.

The Universe is a resource we all share; it is the most beautiful and the most profound example of being united in diversity.  The birth of stars from giant molecular clouds.  So diverse.  Yet each stellar birth, purpose driven.  A spiral galaxy, such as the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy, with approximately one million million blazing suns, each of different types, temperatures, …, shines forth the glorious message of how to be gloriously united in diversity.

THE POWER OF VISIONS addresses your origins – and your roots. We are each made of the material cooked inside stars – pinch yourself – you are made of cosmic stardust.  Grains of carbon based stardust – thriving under Newton’s Second Law –  thrust forward in ever swirling turbulent gaseous and dusty clouds  – truly, Momentum within the starry vaults of the Via Lactea and beyond!

Audiences describe the insights gleaned from THE POWER OF VISIONS as nothing less than EXTRAORDINARY, in an extraordinary Universe.