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DVDs by Professor David Block:


The Christmas Star has puzzled multitudes, for centuries.

What exactly WAS the Christmas Star?

The Star led the Wise Men on a remarkable journey of discovery, from the East to Jerusalem, over a period of approximately two years.

Could it have been a comet?

A nova?

A supernova (exploding star)?

Or perhaps, a scenario involving some of the planets?

Professor Block uses his vast knowledge of outer space, planets, stars and galaxies to fuse his studies of astronomy with the description of the Christmas Star as described in the gospel according to Matthew. This DVD is one of a kind; filmed live in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Running time: approximately 1 hour.
Recommended audience: High school and older.


BEYOND is a complete two-part DVD, filmed live in April 2013 using one of the largest screens in the Southern Hemisphere. The two-part sequence consists of fully updated “THE HEAVENS DECLARE THE GLORY OF GOD” as well as of “OUR UNIVERSE: ACCIDENT OR DESIGN?” The “BEYOND” DVD contains many new, breathtaking images of the Universe as well as the latest information about our expanding Cosmos. An intellectual and visual feast. For detailed descriptions of these two new presentations, kindly refer to the details alongside the DVDs of these two earlier titles, below.


Running time: approx 2 x 1 hour DVDs.
Ages: suitable for the entire family.

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The Power of Vision DVDThe Power of Vision - Be Sirius, Nova give up! R120

This motivational presentation was especially produced for teenagers and university students. The blurb on the back of the cover of the DVD invites you to:

“Take a journey of discovery, not only of the incredible wonders of the universe but also the marvel or your own potential. The Tour Commander is South African born and world renowned astronomer, Professor David L. Block.”

Professor Block uses his vast knowledge of outer space, planets, stars and galaxies to fuse his studies of astronomy with everyday life to help his  audience  think strategically. This DVD is one of a kind. It was produced using special studio effects – while watching the DVD, it appears as if you are in a high-tech space shuttle, looking out a portal window at the passing planets and stars.

Running time: approx 1 hour 10 min.
Recommended audience:  High school and university students.



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The Heavens Declare the Glory of GodThe Heavens Declare the Glory of God R60

A multi-media presentation by Professor David L Block

Remarkable and beautiful images, many secured through some of the world’s largest telescopes, will take you from neighbouring planets to distant stars, nebulae and galaxies. While viewing this breathtaking beauty and complexity of the cosmos, Professor Block will address questions such as how the universe came into being, what the immensity thereof signifies. He will also reveal the greatness of the Creator and the care He has for each one of us.

Join this world renowned astronomer as he takes us on an amazing astronomical and spiritual journey to the Creator of the universe.

Length of presentation: 1 Hour, 20 minutes
Suitable for the whole family!



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Our Universe: Accident of DesignOur Universe: Accident or Design? A presentation by Professor David L Block R60

This presentation is both an intellectual and visual feast. Colour photographs show planets, nebulae, stars and galaxies – including some of the most distant objects discerned in the universe. Professor Block probes the meaning of the immensity and complexity of the universe and explores the evidence for design.
Comments about ‘Our Universe: Accident or Design?’
“Professor Block offers readers a unique opportunity to weigh the evidence the evidence for themselves.” Arno A Penzias, Nobel Prize winner in Physics.
“I find [Professor Block’s] eloquent defence of a Divine Planner congenial and satisfying.” Owen Gingerich, Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University.

Length of presentation: 52 minutes
Suitable for audiences: 15 years +

For those interested in the interface between Science and the Bible, an excellent on-line site is:



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Other DVDsOther DVDs:

Why thinking people believe in the God of the Bible? (David Block, Bill Domeris, Louw Alberts) R50

A Jewish Astronomer meets the Messiah R50


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