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"As an astronomer, I have seen God inextricably involved in my research" - Professor David Block

God and Galileo
Shrouds of the night
Our Universe: Accident or Design
The Tribe has Spoken - David Block

God and Galileo

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Shrouds of the night

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Our Universe :
Accident or Design

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The Tribe Has Not Spoken

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Testimonials and Reviews

Review of God and Galileo: What a 400 year old letter teaches us

God and Galileo is a very readable and informative book.... click for more

Professor Lou Markos 
Humanities, Houston Baptist University

Dear Prof. Block,

I received a copy of your new book, "God and Galileo", from mutual friends - Wim and Leonie Smit. I had the opportunity to read it this week. I had to give you feed back on this exceptional book. During my lifetime as church-leader, I have had few books that have meant more to me and impacted my life as much. I want to thank you (and Prof. Freeman) for producing such a clear, convincing and responsible testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.

As a distinguished scientist of our time, you have a voice, a credibility and an opportunity to be salt and light for God's Kingdom like few other Christians have. Thank you for doing it! I have cherished the hope for many years already, that somewhere in the course of our revolutionary scientific development, the current tide of atheism will dwindle as more and more scientists discover the truth of Rom. 1:20.

Like the early astronomers from the East who - through their primitive science - eventually met God's Personal Revelation, Jesus Christ, I pray that your influence will be greatly used by the Hoy Spirit in the lives of many atheists and unbelievers! May God bless you with many years and may He continue to enlarge your territory for His Name sake!

Your brother in Christ

Isak Burger


Chasing the Star : Exploring Christmas

The presentation shown on this DVD explores the Christmas Star (the Star of Bethlehem).

Professor Block, as a professional astronomer, outlines all the possibilities of what this star might have been. 

A Jewish Astronomer finds the Messiah

This DVD contains David Block’s story of how he came to faith in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah.

His testimony was filmed at a breakfast meeting where he was asked to share his story.

Why thinking peoplebelieve in the God of the Bible

This DVD contains a live panel discussion on the topic of why thinking people believe in the God of the Bible. The discussion is chaired by pastor Rev Ellis Andre, then senior pastor at Rosebank Union Church.

The panel consists of astronomer Professor David Block, physicist Dr Louw Alberts and theologian Professor Bill Domeris. They present, not only undeniable evidence for the Christian Faith, but they also share their personal encounter with the living Christ.


There are two presentations on this DVD: ‘Our Universe: Accident: Accident or Design?’ and ‘The Heavens Declare!’

The first presentation argues for a Creator. Professor Block offers a myriad of evidences which point to a Creator. The presentation is suitable for 15 years + It works well in a home cell setting and it is advisable to purchase the booklet by the same title.

The second presentation is suitable for the whole family. Beautiful astronomical visuals and Professor Block’s explanation thereof, giving a Biblical view of what we are viewing. Very uplifting! 

Chasing the Star : Exploring Christmas

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A Jewish Astronomer finds the Messiah

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Why Thinking people believe in the God of the Bible

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(Complete 2 - part DVD series)

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Articles of interest

The Star of Behtlehem

The story of scholars from the east, following the Christmas Star, seeking to find the King of the Jews, has been told countless numbers of times. It is a story filled with awe, wonder, and intrigue, as the scriptures do not give astronomers much information about what the Christmas Star may have been. The first truth before us is that Jesus was a young Jewish child, aged approximately two years, when the scholars (wise men) from the east found Him in the arms of Mary his mother, in a house – not a manger. 

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Andromeda - Article featured in 'Die Burger'

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