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Books by Professor David Block:


Shrouds of the NightShrouds of the Night R550

A magnificent coffee-table book, profusely illustrated with dozens of photographs, published in New York:

The Milky Way has captivated the minds of multitudes ever since the beginning of time. Particularly striking are its apparent dusty gaping voids. With the advent of near-infrared technology, astronomers have discovered an awesome new view of its structure, and of the structure of other galaxies around us. Galaxies contain enigmatic Shrouds of the Night: shrouds or veils of cosmic dust, which have given us a totally incomplete picture of what our majestic Universe actually looks like. In this book, we feature some of the remarkable early photographic work of masters such as Isaac Roberts and Edward Barnard, before presenting to the reader the unmasked (dust penetrated) view of our cosmos, using some of the world’s largest ground and space-based telescopes.

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Our Universe: Accident or DesignOur Universe: Accident or Design? – POSTER VERSION R30

This booklet contains a summary of the DVD “Our Universe” Accident or Design?” In the poster version (which also contains magnificent star charts for the Southern Hemisphere), Professor Block probes the meaning of the immensity and complexity of the universe and explores the evidence for design.




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