David Block is an astronomer and highly sought after inspirational speaker, who has devoted over 30 years
to encouraging audiences around the globe to always Look Up – and to never, never, never give up! 
He speaks from the heart; sharing in-depth lessons from his world of research.
Through several different presentations - such as
- The Template of Life
- The Power of Vision 
- VIR phase space 
- The Hardest Thing to Open is a Closed Mind
- From Outer Space to Inner Space 
- What is Time?
- Science and God: The Great Divorce?
- Our Universe; Accident or Design? 

Through these presentations you will learn how to -
- Create a new mindset in your personal and corporate life
- Thrive on Chaos 
- Embrace time dependent boundaries with a highly positive work ethic
- Find, and stay at, the cutting edge of your personal dreams and aspirations
- Embrace unity in diversity

Each presentation is tailor-made for the occasion and for the specific group.
In 2013, Professor Block was acclaimed by BHP Billiton and the National Science and Technology Forum
as one of South Africa’s foremost communicators of Science. 

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Allow the testimonials to speak for themselves.